Essential to every manager is the ability to successfully get projects over the line. If you’re seeking a promotion that will bring you more responsibilities, then it’s crucial that your CV highlights that you have the skillset required to oversee projects, manage teams and coordinate plans. From leveraging project management software to effectively leading teams and managing individuals, project management skills are incredibly varied and must all be mastered in order to excel in a management role.

Alison’s Project Management Hub is the one stop solution for all your upskilling needs in this department. The hub breaks down the various crucial areas of project management and will provide you with everything you need to move on to the next stage in your career.

Diploma in Project Management

Just over half of project managers are certified for the position. This means that if you sign up for our Diploma in Project Management you’ll be ahead of 50% of the competition for any potential management promotions that come up in your business.

Diploma – Project Management in Practice

97% of organizations believe that effective Project Management is essential to business performance and success. This makes Project Management one of the most transferable skills in the labour market. It’s definitely a skill you can’t afford not to have.

Fundamentals of Project Management

The average salary for a Project Manager in the United States is a whopping $77,000 a year. If you want to start earning these numbers then you need to learn the fundamentals of Project Management. Check out this free course to learn everything you need to know.

Introduction to Project Management

49% of organizations have Project Management training programmes in place. That means that there is a lot of upskilled competition in the field. How can you compete with them? Take our Introduction to Project Management and you’ll find yourself back in the race.

Project Management in Practice – Monitoring, Controlling and Change Management

The global Project Management market is valued at $4 billion. This exciting sector is growing and always looking for talented and qualified recruits who have the stuff it takes to lead a team. Learn the skills you need to successfully monitor projects and write project reviews with this free course.

Modern Project Management – Quality, Risk, Procurement and Project Closeout

An estimated 234,883 Project Management jobs are created every year in the United States. To be able to successfully secure one of the lucrative positions, candidates need to understand quality control, risk management and project closeout. You can learn all this and more with this course in Modern Project Management.


Agile Essentials: A Practical Guide to the Agile Process

44% of Project Managers don’t use any software, even though studies have found that the use of Project Management software greatly increases project performance and quality. You’ll stand out from the competition if you’re skilled in operating effective management software.

Scrum Master Training

What are the best practices you need to follow in order to be a successful Project Manager? The place to start is Scrum Master Training. Learn all of the principles behind the Scrum methodology and how to lead any project to a successful conclusion according to these tried and tested methods.

PRINCE2 Project Management – Practitioner

9.9% of every dollar is wasted due to projects underperforming. This all comes down to the quality of the Project Manager and means that qualified PMs are hard to find. By upskilling in a  high performance Project Management methodology like PRINCE2, you’ll be in high demand in the labour market.

Interpersonal Skills for Elite Leaders and Project Managers

Good Project Management is about being able to coordinate people as much as the project. You need to able to both monitor individuals and foster a coherent teamwork strategy in order to be able to deliver your project’s goals. Interpersonal skills are vital for any Project Manager looking to get the most out of their team.

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