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Thare Machi Education
Thare Machi Education

Educating women makes a huge difference. Many experts believe it is the best way of spending aid money in the developing world. Simple information can make a massive difference to the lives of the poor if it is accessible. A consultation with partners from and in the developing world has resulted in a list of over 200 topics that are thought to be helpful to people trying to escape from poverty and ill health. These are the topics we are working to make into interactive lessons. The lessons are at very basic level and are targeted primarily at women and children who cannot read or write and have little opportunity for learning. The topic list is divided into 8 sections: Health, Nutrition, Agriculture, Environment, Water/Sanitation, Community, Human Rights and Livelihoods, with a major focus on HIV and AIDS prevention.

Thare Machi Education works with community based partners in the developing world to help give women and children trapped in poverty more knowledge and more choice. We are planning to provide 100 interactive audio visual DVD lessons on key topics in the languages of the world's poor. The technology is reliable, cheap, interactive and easy to operate without experience. The Educational Content will include topics on many different areas such as HIV and AIDS, disease prevention, child care, agriculture and human rights. Thare Machi Education is equipping partners with DVD players, discs and simple Starfish Controllers for people to use in a growing number of countries.

TME was founded by Helen Taylor Thompson with the aim to reduce the large numbers of women becoming HIV positive through being forced into prostitution as a livelihood. As a result Thare Machi Education was registered as a charity and limited company in 2000, launched at the House of Lords and Canary Wharf in 2001 and with the first local partners in India in 2002.