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Understanding Spreadsheets

Master the basic and advanced features, functions and formulas in Google Sheets with this free online course.

Publisher: Soniya
In this free online course, you are going to learn how to create and use spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are essential in organizing in categorizing data into a logical format. You can use them for accounting and calculation purposes, business data storage, generating reports, and more. In this course, you will learn the basics of Google Sheets and how to use the various functions to analyze your data with ease.
Understanding Spreadsheets
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This free online course will teach you how to create a Google spreadsheet from your Gmail account. You will only need to have a Gmail account to access the program. That's right - you do not need any special software to create a Google spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are valuable tools for accountants, teachers, engineers, sales personnel, market researchers, and many more professionals. Google Sheets is one of the most widely cloud-based spreadsheet programs, and it is used across all disciplines and professions. We will show you all the different features and options in a spreadsheet, the cells, the rows and columns, and more. They are used to organize, analyze and store data in a tabular format. We will show you how to use various functions such as sum and count. You will also learn how to do conditional summations. In addition, the course will demonstrate how to use the sumproduct formula to bridge a long process of summing and then multiplying before getting the final summation. We'll also show you how to cut words from left, right, middle, and more.

This course is designed to teach you the basics and advanced formulas in spreadsheets and analyze data in the most effective ways. You will learn how to import data from one sheet to another seamlessly. You will also learn how to filter and sort data in ascending or descending order. Have you ever wondered how to merge multiple data without having to worry about misplacing your data? Well, this course will teach you how to merge multiple data accurately without losing anything. You will also learn to keep specific rows and columns visible on your screen when scrolling across the sheets by freezing the rows and columns. We will then demonstrate sharing spreadsheets with others and deciding whether or not they can comment, edit or simply view the shared sheet. Data manipulation is almost inevitable in shared sheets, so to prevent a given data from being changed, you will need to protect the cell that contains the data. We will show you how to protect your data from being changed from the original value. You will also learn to check the edit history and see changes made in any particular cell or sheet. Finally, you will learn some useful shortcuts that will help you achieve results faster and save you a lot of time.

Google Sheets is undoubtedly the most widely used data analysis tool. However, many people lack the basic knowledge required to utilize this tool effectively. By taking this course, you will learn and familiarize yourself with many fantastic features embedded in the Google spreadsheet, making it seamless and straightforward to use. This course is for anyone who would like to master spreadsheets and effortlessly analyze any data. You do not need any prior knowledge of spreadsheets to take this course. So, what are you waiting for? Start this course today and start your journey to becoming a spreadsheet master. 

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