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Tourism - Introduction to Retail Travel Sales

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Tourism - Introduction to Retail Travel Sales
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  • As with all industries, the tourism industry is centered upon sales. Up to ten years ago most holiday packages were sold through high street travel agencies but since then online booking has greatly increased its share of revenue.

    This course explains how the travel industry packages and sells tourism products to consumers. The industry is very effective at packaging its services and selling them as products through retail and online channels.

    The first section explains the role of tourism wholesalers in the travel industry and the methods they use to create an appealing product. The following section describes how travel agencies create an effective retail space for tourism products. The final section describes how online travel retail developed, how it benefits the customer and what its effect on the travel industry as a whole has been.

    This course will be of great interest to tourism professionals working in tourism retail. It will also be of interest to owners of tourism businesses as well as anyone interested in a career in the area of retail travel sales.

  • At the end of this course the learner will be able to: - Describe the role of tour wholesalers in the tourism industry; - Define the four types of package holiday and the methods tour wholesalers use to make their products appealing to customers; - Explain the role of retail travel agencies in the tourism industry; - Outline the regulations governing travel agencies; - Describe how online travel retail developed and its effect on the travel industry; - Explain how tour wholesalers and travel agencies can compete with online travel services.

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