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The Psychology of Reading, Writing and Bilingualism

In this free psychology course, you will study the Mental Processes that enable the Development of Reading and Writing.

Publisher: NPTEL
In this free online reading psychology course, you will learn about the various characteristics of written texts, the Stages of the Development of Reading and Writing Skills and the various forms of Written Language in the world as well as their individual features. Study the concept of Bilingualism, its properties, cognitive benefits and its disadvantages. Anyone in the field of Education or Linguistics will benefit from studying this course.
The Psychology of Reading, Writing and Bilingualism
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The Psychological Principles of Reading and Writing are discussed in this free online course. The first section focuses on how written texts are processed. You will learn about the different characteristics and forms of written languages and the mental processes involved in the comprehension of these languages.

In the next section, you will learn about the Concept of Orthography and some forms of reading disorders such as Dyslexia. You will study their causes and see how they affect the development of reading and learning abilities. The development of reading skills and the precursors to reading will also be identified in this section. Thereafter, you will see how written texts are composed and the developmental trajectory of writing.

The last section introduces the concept of Bilingualism. You will learn about the different forms of Bilingualism as well as the characteristics of Bilinguals. You will also see the cognitive benefits of Bilingualism and compare its disadvantages. This course will be beneficial to those studying Linguistics, Education or any related courses. It will also benefit those who simply want to improve their learning and understanding of these subjects. Why wait! Start this course today!

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