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Diploma in Educational Psychology

Improve your teaching, instructional, and training methods with this free online educational psychology course.

Publisher: Global Text Project
This free online course will provide a diploma in educational psychology, and help teachers improve their teaching methods and fulfill their roles more effectively by introducing them to useful psychology knowledge. With all the different personalities and learning levels of students, teaching can be very challenging. How do you accommodate all of these different personalities in a classroom? The course will guide you through this difficult task.
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Educational psychology is a branch of psychology concerned with teaching and learning methods, cognitive development, and aptitude assessment of children in an educational setting. This educational psychology course will begin by explaining the differences between teaching and learning. It will then cover Behaviorism, a learning theory that reviews operant conditioning and its important implications for teaching. The course will then go through Constructivism, a learning theory that compares and contrasts two subtypes of constructivism, namely psychological constructivism and social constructivism.

Next, the course will tackle the most common disabilities encountered in the classroom such as learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), intellectual disabilities, behavioral disorders, physical disabilities, and sensory impairments. You will then learn why working with students with these special educational needs requires specific skills and strategies to create and deliver effective programs. Finally, the course will review student development and diversity and discuss the two core elements of student diversity: gender and culture.

Being an educator requires the desire and guts to stand in front of the classroom and teach. But it also requires compassion and special skills for connecting with different students. This course will be of great benefit to education professionals who would like to improve their ability to connect with a wider range of students and be a better teach for all. So, check out this free online course and improve your educational skills today. 

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