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Project Management Skills for Non-Project Managers

Learn the basic processes involved in planning and managing a project with this free online project management course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This free online project management certification provides a comprehensive guide on how to manage any project. We outline the different stages of a project’s life cycle, from planning to execution, as you see how project plans are compiled and implemented and learn to appreciate the importance of having a kick-off meeting before the process begins. This course can help you to avoid common pitfalls as you learn basic project management skills.
Project Management Skills for Non-Project Managers
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Refine your project management skills by kicking off with the first step in the project management process: defining the project’s requirements. We show you how to gather and utilize resources while establishing the importance of having a plan before starting a project. We explain how to stay organized by using the project schedule to monitor your project timeline and keep within your budget as well as a detailed analysis of the different stages of a project.

Do you know about benchmarking in project management? This project management course takes you through the function of benchmarking using real-life scenarios and unpacks the different methods that can be used to set up a project team in a cost-effective way. We explore the role of milestones and how they act as signposts to keep you on track, as well as help you understand how project plans are put into action through implementation. You will then learn the importance of delegation and conducting kick-off meetings with your team before implementing your project plan. 

This course enables you to make meaningful contributions to a project by leading others through the stages of planning, executing and completing it. This project management training is for anyone planning a big event or project or wanting to learn basic project management skills.

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