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Physics: Electric Systems, Magnetism and Sound

Learn about the main principles of electric systems, magnetism and sound in this free online physics course.

Publisher: XSIQ
This free online physics course will give you a strong understanding of the principles and concepts of electric systems, magnetism and sound. You will cover a wide range of topics including circuits, AC/DC conversion, transducers, magnets, the intensity of sound and sound waves. This will give you a solid understanding of some of the basic concepts of physics and build a platform for future learning. So don't delay, start your journey today!
Physics: Electric Systems, Magnetism and Sound
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This free online physics course begins with an introduction to electric systems. You will learn about current, charge and voltage and study examples of power calculations. You will then move on to look at circuits, exploring different examples of parallel circuits. The course then moves on to study capacitors and how they are used to store and release electrical charge, as well as AC to DC conversion.

You will also study transducers, including thermistors and light-emitting diodes before moving on to explore magnets and magnetism. Here you will look at magnetic fields, including the Earth’s magnetic field, currents and magnetism and how charges move in magnetic fields. You will also study the forces on current-carrying wires, electromagnetic induction - how magnetic fields can be used to create an electric current - and generators.

Finally you will move on to study sound. An introduction will take you through sound’s nature as a wave and how they are created. You will also explore standing sound waves and the intensity of sound, where you will look into amplitude and loudness plus intensity versus distance. This course will give you a grounding in some of the basic principles of physics and will be of interest to anyone who wants to study the field or take the first steps on a career in science.

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