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Photorealistic interior rendering Using Blender

Learn the skills needed in Blender 3D to create and render a photorealistic indoor scene with this free online course.

Publisher: Ivan Yosifov
If you have ever wondered how designers create beautiful photorealistic scenes, then look no further. Photorealism is indistinguishable from photographs and used in a variety of industries and this free online Blender course will show you exactly how it is done, with a balance of theory and practical demonstration. Learn how to use Blender tools like Hue Saturation, Colour Ramp, and the Basic Principle Shader to create a realistic interior scene.
Photorealistic interior rendering Using Blender
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    1.5-3 Hours
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Immerse yourself in the 3D world of Blender and get a step-by-step guide on how to create a realistic interior scene using various tools such as Bump node, Colour Ramp and Hue Saturation. You will learn how to add detail to tables, windows, books, plants, paintings, walls and floors, the adjustable tool parameters and which imports are necessary to create and add detail to materials.

The following section of this free online Blender course shows you how to illuminate a scene and its objects with different light types using tools such as the Light Path node and World textures. Camera setups are then discussed and teaches you the process and crucial settings needed to get the best renders in Blender. Included in this bit of course content are some expert tips on getting a highly detailed scene using a relatively low number of rendering samples.

If you are looking to learn a new skill or if you are a designer wanting to explore photorealistic design, then enrolling in this Blender course is the right place to start. You can apply your expertise and open doors to many new career opportunities in a range of industries such as design, movie production, animation and much more.

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