People Management Skills in the Workplace

Learn how to be happy at work and develop strong people management skills in this free online course.

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This free online course on People Management Skills in the Workplace provides a comprehensive guide on how to build, maintain, and repair relationships in the workplace for effective performance. Learn about being happy at work as well as the positive effect of using humour in the workplace to foster a positive work environment as well as to promote synergy in the workplace. Begin this course today and improve your people management skills.
People Management Skills in the Workplace
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This free online course on People Management Skills in the Workplace will begin by introducing you to the tenets of relationship development as well as relationship maintenance. You will also be introduced to the different stages of relationship development at the workplace as identified by Knapps. You will then learn about the fundamentals of relationship orientation behaviour otherwise known as FIRO-B.

This course will then introduce you to the behaviours associated with inclusion, affection, and control needs. You will learn about the alternate patterns of developing relationships in the workplace. You will then be introduced to the concept of forgiveness at the workplace along with the role forgiveness plays in the furtherance of an organization's goals and objectives, and happiness at work.

Finally, this course will equip you with the requisite skills needed to achieve organizational forgiveness as well as the critical conditions that can foster happiness in the workplace. You will learn how managers and employees can work together in an environment devoid of negativity and rancour so as to drive optimal productivity for the organization. You will also learn about fostering healthy interpersonal relationships amongst the employees.

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