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Landscape Architecture and Site Planning - Historical Landscape Styles

Explore famous historic garden and landscape styles from all over the world in this free online landscaping course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This course lays out the factors that influence landscape styles from many cultures. We cross time and space to showcase iconic styles, including Spanish, Moorish, Mughal, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French and English. We show you how different time periods can be identified by their distinctive gardens and we trace the influence of those styles on today’s outdoor architecture. This course suits anyone interested in gardening and landscaping.
Landscape Architecture and Site Planning - Historical Landscape Styles
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This is the second installment of the ‘Landscape Architecture and Site Planning’ suite of courses. We guide you through the historical elements of site design and examine the major factors driving landscape styles and categorization.

We then delve into the historical elements of oriental landscape styles and examine the timeline, features and architectural elements of iconic Mughal, Chinese, and Japanese gardens. The course then moves on to European landscape styles, focusing on Renaissance Italian and Spanish gardens before studying those from England and France.

This landscape design course teaches you the history of site design and gardening as an artform. We can help anyone interested in turning the great outdoors into their canvas as they sculpt the landscape into beautiful spaces. Whether you are a professional gardener or want to transform your own patch of earth into a work of art, this course allows various cultures to inspire you.

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