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Italian Language Studies - Intermediate

Become an 'italiano vero' - a true Italian - by studying the Italian language with this free online language course.

Publisher: PRONTO!
This course follows Italian Language Studies – Introduction, also available on Alison. We will take a look at new subjects and vocabulary regarding Italian culture at an intermediate level. Furthermore, we will go into detail about new grammar rules that will help you start speaking and writing accurately in Italian. You will follow along while the teacher reads complex texts and translates them to English. Progress to a more advanced level!
Italian Language Studies - Intermediate
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    3-4 Hours
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You will learn grammar rules regarding nouns, such as how to change them from the singular to the plural form, whether they are masculine or feminine. Additionally, using this new vocabulary to build phrases and sentences properly.  Following on from this you will learn about numbers and time, such as counting from 0 to more than 1 million and learning how to tell and ask for the date in Italian. In addition, you will find relevant texts referencing historical dates. 

There are a variety of elaborate texts that the teacher reads and explains on new interesting subjects such as:  ‘il corpo’ (the body), ‘il cibo’ (food), ‘le professioni’ (professions), ‘i colori e i vestiti’ (colors and fashion), ‘parlare degli altri’ (learn to speak about different people, describing their physical characteristics) and finally ‘cosa ti piace e non ti piace fare’ (learn to tell and ask what you like and what you don't like to do). With this, a new lexicon is presented to the student to learn and study after watching the video lessons.

Why learn a new language? The Italian language is one of the most studied languages in the world. Students are fascinated by the musicality and sweetness of its words. Italy has one of the biggest and most relevant contributions to the world through its cultural heritage in art and science. Italian brands in fashion, the automobile industry, and food are famously known because of their amazing quality. In this course, you will study interesting texts on these subjects to learn more details about this beautiful country.

The student will also be able to complete numerous exercises with feedback on each question and assignment. Thus, we recommend taking notes and paying close attention to explanations. Each lesson is taught by one of our native Italian teachers: Beatrice, Bianca or Sara through both Italian and English. Why delay? Start your journey to become an Italian speaker and enroll today!

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