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Introduction to Electromagnetism

Learn the fundamentals of electromagnetism, their application and master the basic concepts in this free online course

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In this free online course, you will be given an introduction to electromagnetism. The course describes electrically induced magnetism, magnetically induced electricity, and magnetically induced force on a current-carrying wire with detail. The learner will be provided with examples and illustrations in order to ensure the concepts become crystal clear. So why wait, start your learning journey today and improve your skills and knowledge.
Introduction to Electromagnetism
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When scientists discovered in the 20th century that electricity and magnetism were not just two separate topics and that both can be combined, it led to the revolutionary discovery of ‘electromagnetism’. It transformed both academics and the daily lives around us. If you are also looking to develop or enhance your understanding of the intriguing topic of electromagnetism, then you have come to the right place. This free online course will give you the rudimentary as well as an advanced understanding of electromagnetism that can help you develop a solid foundation for advanced learning. The course kicks off by looking at the magnetic effect of electric current and the various methods available for magnetization. The learner will be able to analyze solenoids and how to find the direction of an electrically induced magnetic field. Detailed illustrations and formulas will be provided to ensure that key concepts such as hysteresis, magnetomotive forces, and magnetic shielding along with other concepts mentioned can be properly understood. A description of toroids and factors that affect the strength of electromagnets will also be provided.

As the course moves on, some other key components of electromagnetism are be discussed. The phenomenon of magnetically induced electricity is a crucial component of electromagnetism. An analysis of the various methods used in inducing EMF along a conductor will be carried out along with an explanation of the laws of electromagnetic induction. Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction, Lenz’s law, and Fleming’s right-hand rule will be explained along with illustrations and key formulae. These laws will not only help you understand how EMF is induced but also identify the direction and magnitude of that induced EMF along a current-carrying wire or coil. Next, the learner will be discussing eddy currents and the methods used to reduce them. Some key instruments are used in experiments of electromagnetism. These instruments will be the focus of the next part of the course. An explanation of what galvanometer, ammeter, and voltmeter are is provided. Their key functions and construction methods will be the main discussion points.

As the course moves towards its final section, The learner’s focus will be shifted towards magnetically induced forces on a current-carrying wire. An explanation of Fleming’s left-hand rule will be provided which is used to find the direction of the force on a current-carrying wire. Another key component is the effect of torque on a rectangular current loop placed in a uniform magnetic field. The course will be guiding you through this key component along with a discussion of forces between two current-carrying conductors. As mentioned earlier, the discovery of electromagnetism was revolutionary in the field of science. From day-to-day use of doorbells or audio earphones to the creation of life-saving gadgets such as MRI machines, electromagnetism changed the world that we live in. The concepts of electromagnetism form a crucial part of anyone’s understanding who is either looking to just enhance their curiosity or deciding on making a career out of them. In either case, This online course on Alison.com has got you covered. So don’t waste time and enroll now to start your journey towards enhancing your knowledge!

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