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Introduction to Magnetism

Learn the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism and master these key concepts in this free online course

Publisher: ADU
Electricity and magnets are all around us in our daily lives. Alison's free online course in fundamentals of electrical technology course gives a better insight into how magnetism works. The course will introduce you to the basic concepts, key terms, and important functions and formulas related to magnetism that can help you in applying them in your practical and professional life. Take this course and enhance your career now!
Introduction to Magnetism
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Magnetism is something that exists all around us in our daily lives. Whether it’s using our planet's magnetic field to direct our airplanes and ships to the daily life appliances, magnetism has a direct impact on our lives. This free online course will give you an introduction to magnetism that will help you understand the rudimentary concepts. These concepts can help you in both your academic and professional lives. The course kicks off by taking you through a brief history of the substance called “magnet’. The learner will be provided with a classification of the various types of magnets that exist. A key portion of the course will be looking at the differences between these various types. Moving on, an analysis of the different properties of magnets will be carried out. Whether it's magnetic attraction or repulsion or attractive and directive properties, this course has got you covered. Another key part of magnetism that we will be learning is the magnetic field surrounding a magnet. Identification of magnetic flux lines and what are the properties of magnetic lines of force will be the main focus within this portion of the course.

Are you aware that magnetism is a universal phenomenon? And that the earth also has its own north and south magnetic poles? If not, then you have clicked on the right course. The evolution of human beings is predated by the magnetic power in the earth. The next section of the course will provide the learner with an introduction to the concept of the earth’s magnetic field or geomagnetism. The course will describe how the magnetic fields from different sources permeate things in distant galaxies, humans, beasts, and even minute atoms. Illustration explaining terrestrial magnetism will be provided so that the learner can fully grasp the mapping of a magnetic field at different points in space. Next, a key instrument that is used widely in today’s world will be explained. The key concepts and workings of a compass will be discussed. How this instrument can be used in order to find direction will also be illustrated.

As the course moves on, the learner will be start looking at some key formulas and terms used in the world of magnetism. Firstly, you will be analyzing magnetic flux and magnetic flux density along with key formulae. Secondly, an explanation of magnetic and relative permeability and their formulas will be provided. Once you have understood these concepts, you will be provided with a classification of magnets into different materials based on their susceptibility and relative permeability. An analysis will be carried out by the learner of each type of magnetic material along with examples and their respective susceptibility. A detailed comparison will also be carried out and presented between the various classes of materials. With magnetism playing such a crucial part in and around our lives, it is important that a solid foundation is built. This course on Alison.com provides the perfect content for the learner to learn about magnetism. So don’t waste time and enroll in this course on the basics of magnetism NOW!

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