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Diploma in Training of Trainers

Learn about training techniques and methods for effective development of human capital in this free online TOT course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online diploma in training of trainers(TOT) certification course is specifically designed to meet the training needs of organizations. Start the course to learn about the roles of a trainer in designing and conducting different types of training; and how technology has shaped the delivery of training programs. This course will be of interest to managers seeking to improve employee performance through training and development programs.
Diploma in Training of Trainers
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    15-20 Hours
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This free online course, Diploma in Training of Trainers, will give you an insight into training techniques and the design of training programs for effective learning. You will first learn about the primary goal of training, aspects of a great workplace, methods of training needs assessment, training types and design, learning theories, and technology in training.

Also, you will examine the various training methods and criteria for choosing a suitable method as well as case studies of the training programs of selected companies. Then, you will learn about the dynamics of training groups, and functional and dysfunctional behavior in training groups. The course will then examine various training methods including business games, role-playing, behavior modeling, and decision-making, and cost-benefit analysis of training programs. 

This free Alison course on training of trainers aims at teaching the importance and techniques of effective training programs. This course is aimed at students, researchers, professionals, trainers, and anyone with an interest in training practices. Start the course today and learn valuable skills in training design and conducting different types of training.

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