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Advanced Diploma in Training of Trainers

Teaching is an art so take this free online ‘TOT’ diploma course to learn how to effectively develop human capital.

Publisher: NPTEL
This diploma course meets the training needs of organizations and lays out the roles of trainers in designing and conducting different types of training. We explain how technology shapes the delivery of training programmes to help you take advantage of new developments. This ‘TOT’ course can help managers improve employee performance through training and development programmes. It also suits anyone looking to teach or train others.
Advanced Diploma in Training of Trainers
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    15-20 Hours
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This diploma course takes you through proven training techniques and explains how to design effective training programmes. We establish the primary goal of training in creating a great workplace and examine its methods, assessment, types and design before delving into learning theories and the use of teaching technology.

We go over various training methods and criteria for choosing a suitable method and conduct case studies of training programmes implemented by certain companies. The course then explores the dynamics of training groups and compares healthy and dysfunctional behavior found there. We examine various training methods, including business games, role-playing, behaviour modelling, decision-making and cost-benefit analyses of training exercises.

This course on the training of trainers emphasizes the importance of effective training programmes and provides techniques to maximize their value. The pedagogic skills we teach can help anyone who wants to be an effective trainer or teacher, in the classroom or the boardroom.

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