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Dog Training - The Ultimate Guide To Puppy Training

This free online course teaches you how to quickly toilet and crate train your puppy and stop their biting and chewing.

Publisher: Sharon Bolt
This free online dog training course shows you how to make your new puppy feel at home. We take you through toilet and crate training and explain how to prevent biting and chewing. The course also helps you resolve many other unwanted puppy challenges such as separation anxiety, leash training, and socialization. We help you to get it right from the start so your puppy grows up to be a happy and well-balanced dog.
Dog Training - The Ultimate Guide To Puppy Training
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This free online dog training course helps anyone, regardless of their canine experience, who is about to welcome a puppy into their lives or recently did so. We show you what to look for when selecting a puppy and breeder and explain how to avoid buying from a 'puppy farm'. Farm puppies often exhibit difficult behaviours due to neglect and improper socialisation, and care for them may involve treatment for illness caused by this neglect, so we encourage all prospective puppy parents to do their research before purchasing. Once you have found your perfect canine companion, we lay out what to do and what to get in preparation before bringing your puppy home. We then demonstrate how to introduce your puppy to any dogs already in residence and how to resolve 'first night' crying and howling.

We cover the quickest ways to toilet-train your puppy and go through the best methods to stop them from biting and chewing household items. We establish why it's so important to socialize your puppy as soon as possible and go over the best ways to ensure a happy and well-balanced dog. The course then describes how to prevent separation or travel anxiety, simple crate training and much more.

This free online course provides the knowledge, methods and confidence you need to easily train your puppy to become a happy dog that is a pleasure to be with. We can help your new friend stay playful and calm (even when left alone) while your house remains clean and undamaged. These dog obedience classes suit anyone who has a new furry friend in their lives. It’s important to get it right from the start when training puppies, so sign up for this course now before your puppy picks up unwanted behaviours and bad habits!

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