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Diploma in Construction Safety

Acquire the essential skills that can prevent injury and save lives in construction work with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
The growing demand for buildings is driving an increase in the demand for professionals skilled in construction and safety. This free online course covers the general guidelines that can preserve safety on worksites and then delves into the major sources of danger, including fall hazards, cave-ins and other perils peculiar to trenches and tunnels. We explain the standard safety practices that minimize these hazards in this diploma course.
Diploma in Construction Safety
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    10-15 Hours
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This free diploma course begins with an overview of the concepts associated with safety in the construction industry. We provide an introduction to dangers workers face on construction sites and outline the guidelines for establishing safety systems to minimize those risks. We go through various safety standards, signs and signals and lay out a brief history of important international safety standards. We also break down the roles key stakeholders play in establishing and maintaining building safety.

The course then moves on to fall hazards and other major causes of injury on construction sites. We unpack the anatomy of falls and demonstrate how they can be prevented through ‘fall restraint systems’ and ‘fall arrest systems’. We then discuss the specific precautionary measures and processes associated with concreting and demolition work before moving on to trenches and tunnel safety. The course covers the dangers peculiar to excavation work and explains the safety procedures and equipment that can negate them. Finally, we adress tunnel construction and examine the different methodologies and safety systems that can reduce risk.

Innovative designs and new technologies are driving an increase in complexity of building structures, which in turn sharpens the risks encountered during construction and boosts the need for safety protocols. Construction professionals and those entering the field need to prove competence in technical construction skills and safety. Even amateurs attempting their own work at home need to reduce the risks involved and this free online course teaches you the vital safety skills you need to work in construction.

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