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Computer Networking: Physical Layer

In this online physical network layer course, learn about networking in the physical layer of TCP/IP protocol stack.

Publisher: NPTEL
In this free online physical network layer course, you will learn about computer networking, specifically the physical network layer of the protocol stack. The various communication tasks in this physical network layer are explained, along with the decoding and encoding techniques. How you can implement network security policies are also discussed. Boost your computer networking knowledge and skills by studying this specialized course.
Computer Networking: Physical Layer
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In this free online physical network layer course, you are introduced to the world of computer networking, with a particular focus on the physical network layer. You will explore the role of the modem in a network, as well as the differences between baseband and broadband, and the importance of network security. Demonstrations, problems, examples, and assessment questions in this instructor-led video-based course are designed to provide you with a comprehensive foundation which will enable you to take serious steps into understanding this section of the protocol stack.

The physical network layer course begins by introducing you to the different types of networks that have been developed over the years. Then the different physical network layer properties are discussed to help you understand how they may affect our networking capacity. You will explore the different ways of securing a network to minimize the risks of disruptions that can come as a result of an intrusion.

The physical layer defines the topics on the communication model, telephone networks, baseband vs broadband, NICs, analog and digital signals, transmission impairment, modulation techniques, network security policies, vulnerability scanning, firewalls, and more. This physical network layer course will be of interest to computer engineering students, networking and programming professionals, or those looking to enhance their career prospects in the computer networking industry. Start this physical network layer course here today.

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