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CLEP College Pre-Calculus

This free online course examines an introduction to pre-calculus, and how to evaluate various mathematical functions.

Publisher: ADU
Diploma in CLEP College Pre-Calculus is specially designed for college students to help them prepare for advanced levels of calculus in their studies. You will be introduced to fundamental principles and theories relevant to the study of pre-calculus. Math instructors will find this free online course helpful as a teaching guide and will serve as a good material for struggling students. Start your learning journey today!
CLEP College Pre-Calculus
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    15-20 Hours
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Students often struggle with understanding mathematics. This is because many students perceive mathematics as a complex subject. Branches of mathematics often complained about include numerical analysis, trigonometry, and algebra. All of which have very fundamental workings in pre-calculus. Calculus is an integral part of science and technology. It needs to be understood from a basic level. Then analyzed for the correct derivation of complex theories in economics, environmental analysis, nuclear science, and fields of engineering. For these reasons, the struggle of many students and professionals have been considered in designing a sub-branch under calculus named pre-calculus. This is done to help further break down the fundamentals of calculus so that every learner involved with calculus can easily understand its important aspects. 


You must have in many instances asked yourself why are you taking this pre-calculus or calculus course? What is its relevance? How is this useful to my education or my life? Completing this course will help answer all these questions and more with its easy but engaging methods of delivering its lessons. You will be required to evaluate various mathematical functions. These will include exponential, polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and algebraic functions. Learners will evaluate these functions by understanting their definitions, workings, and sample problems. They would be required to carefully analyze and understand the workings of each step explained in the solutions of sample problems. Then, they would be assessed with various questions to test their understanding of the content presented.


Teachers will be able to deduce excellent lesson notes from this course. It will allow them to summarize good lessons on the basics of algebra covering imaginary and complex numbers, as well as rational expressions. It will also aid the development of students struggling with concepts of pre-calculus, allowing them to catch up with classmates. Upon the successful completion of this well-prepared diploma, it is expected that every learner will be comfortable in solving pre-calculus problems taught in colleges all over the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to put behind your fear of calculus. Learn all about the current applications of calculus in various industries and fields. What are you waiting for? Enrol into this diploma today and begin your learning journey in precalculus!

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