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CLEP Calculus: Limits, Differential Calculus and Applications

This free online course examines the methods of differentiation, as well as some exponential and logarithmic functions.

Publisher: ADU
At the college level, it is important to understand the concepts of limits and differentiation. This free online calculus course on Limits, Differential Calculus and Applications teaches you about the different applications of the derivative. You will explore the mean value and Rolle's theorem, as well as logarithmic and trigonometric functions. Register now to improve your understanding on the multiple applications of differential calculus.
CLEP Calculus: Limits, Differential Calculus and Applications
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CLEP Calculus: Limits, Differential Calculus and Applications is a free online course that has been carefully curated to teach you about the methods of differentiation and the applications of the derivative. You will be introduced to the concepts of limits, as well as how to find limits from tables or graphs. You will understand how to calculate limits using different theorems. Important concepts to understand before completing this course are the limits of trigonometric and rational functions. The Sandwich theorem is a useful tool in calculating some types of limits. Examine how to use the Sandwich theorem. You will also learn about the relationship between limits and asymptotes. Did you know that there are two types of asymptotes? Prepare yourself to learn about their differences. The average and instantaneous rates of change will also be analyzed in this course. Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to explain the concepts of continuity, along with types of discontinuities 

As you continue, you will be able to discuss the slope of a curve at a point and the slope of a tangent at a curve. The derivative and notation are key concepts to understand when dealing with differentiation. The relationship between differentiability and continuity will also be highlighted. Are you aware that there are multiple rules of differentiation? Prepare yourself to learn about their formulas and when to use them. This course will teach you about the six trigonometric functions, as well as their derivatives. You will acquire knowledge on the relationship between implicit functions and implicit differentiation. Inverse trigonometric functions will also be highlighted in this course. Logarithmic differentiation is another technique to look out for when dealing with Calculus. You will also learn about the local extreme value theorem and its working principles. The absolute extrema are related to both absolute minima and maxima. State how to use a chart to find the absolute extrema of a curve. 

The mean value and Rolle’s theorem are important theories to understand when working with derivatives. The first and second derivative tests will also be analyzed. This course will teach you about concavity. You will become familiar with the concave up and concave down curves. Velocity and acceleration can be calculated using derivative functions. The derivative also plays a role in Business, along with Economics. The optimization problem seeks the best value for a variable quantity. Discuss the steps involved in solving an optimization problem. You will also become familiar with linear approximations and differentials. This course will be of great interest to students, researchers, teachers, and anyone with an interest in limits, differential calculus, and applications. So, register for this course and start your next learning journey today.

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