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Basics of Welding and Joining Technologies

This free online course lays out the physics of welding and teaches you how to employ welding and joining technology.

Publisher: NPTEL
This course introduces you to the basic principles of welding and joining. We explore the classification of various joints and welding techniques and processes. We then delve into the physics of welding and brazing. The course also covers soldering, adhesive bonding and metal transfer in welding. Welding is an important industrial and mechanical process so sign up to add this valuable ability to your skillset.
Basics of Welding and Joining Technologies
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This course explains the principles of welding and joining. We outline the different welding processes and techniques and explain how you can apply them to achieve smooth welding results. This training course also teaches you how to use different arc-welding power sources.

We then compare the brazing and welding processes. We study the principles of brazing and explain how they can help you to achieve a perfect weld. We lay out the advantages and limitations of soldering and provide insider tips to improve your welding. We then show you the best ways to apply adhesive bonding to your welds and joints.

The course then examines metal transfers in welding and establishes their role in perfecting your welding skills. We then investigate the physics of welding. This course suits anyone who wants to learn this useful skill that is employed to perform many industrial and mechanical tasks. Whether it’s part of your job or you are a ‘DIY’ enthusiast, this course makes you a better welder.

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