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Authors of Feminist Writing in the Postmodern Era

This course on postmodern feminist writers teaches you about feminist texts that review female sexuality and desires.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free feminist writing course in the postmodern era goes into detail about feminist writing in the postmodern era, and teaches you how to analyze this writing effectively. This course also contains feminist text which reviews female sexuality and desires and the oppressive nature of gender roles. You will learn about the differences between outward appearances and inner life, alongside the need for self-expression.
Authors of Feminist Writing in the Postmodern Era
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In this course of postmodern feminist writers, you will learn about women's roles in marriage, identity and self-expression. Also, the theme of temptation, sacrifice and the redemptive power of love will be discussed with regard to the poetic allegory of sexual temptation. This will be explored along with other themes such as the oppressive nature of gender roles, appearance and reality in 'The Yellow Wallpaper'.

Also, you will be introduced to the story "The Goblin Market" and who the goblins are. You will be shown the scene of the Goblin men's encounter with Laura and the list of fruits sold by the Goblin men. The reason associated with the remembrance of Jeanie and Laura's desire for more fruit will be covered in this course. Also, you will learn about the effect Lizzie's silver penny had on the rescue of Laura.

You will be taught the literary symbolism of the story "Yellow Wallpaper". You will learn about the deconstruction of the text "The Tulips" and these subsidiaries; "Tulip's Excitement", "Letting Things Slip", "The Calm Air" and "The Tulips Behind Bars". Also, you will be shown the deconstruction of who John the physician is and what caused the nervous troubles. Finally, you will learn about the symbolism of 'The Wallpaper' and the woman behind the patterns.

This course is important for learners who want to have an understanding of the oppressive nature of gender roles and the need for self-expression.

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