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Advanced Diploma in Design of Masonry Structures

Learn about the behaviour, components & strength of masonry in this free online course on design of masonry structures.

Engineering & Construction
Free Course
This free course will introduce you to the basic concepts of masonry, masonry components and masonry structures. This course describes masonry assemblage and the manufacturing process of masonry units. This course differentiates the uses of masonry in ancient and present times. This course explains the behaviour of masonry in compression. This course also gives an overview of the structural design framework of masonry structures.
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This course introduces you to the concept and meaning of masonry as a structural material. This course explains how masonry has been utilized as a structural solution in history and in the present day. This course all describes the constituents of masonry as well as the engineering properties of the said constituents. You will also be introduced to the behaviour of masonry units and their manufacturing processes.

This course explains in detail, the mechanical behaviour of masonry assembly under different kinds of compression, the strengths of the constituents of masonry and the assemblies of masonry. You will also learn about the possibility of a closed-form solution that results in the compressive strength of masonry. You will be introduced to the behaviour of masonry in shear.

This course also explains the structural design framework of masonry and the design considerations in masonry as far as IS 1905. You will learn about the Mann-Muller theory and its limitations. You will be introduced to some guidelines for reinforced masonry as well as some new terminologies. You will also learn about the categories of buildings and the design seismic coefficient. This course further explains the P-M interaction curve and its regions and the different procedures of the iterative approach.

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