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Steve has been a musician for over 25 years now. The moment he picked up the guitar as a kid his life was changed forever… and for the better! Growing up he listened to everything: Rock, Motown, Indie, Metal, Blues, Funk, Pop, Country etc... After graduation from college he moved to Los Angeles and spent 7 years there, playing guitar and singing professionally - recording, and writing his own music. He was even lucky enough to have a couple original songs published in two films, and at one point was close to signing a record deal with Universal Records, but he was labeled "too eclectic". It was understandable though, with his wide range of musical influences. So he then decided to move to Austin, TX and take a job teaching a songwriting course at ACC, and soon after that opened STRUM MUSIC SCHOOL. He owned and operated STRUM for 9 years, but sold it and moved on to teach in the virtual/online world.

Steve has expertise in guitar instruction for various contemporary genres such as Pop, Rock, Blues, Funk, and Indie Vocal Instruction.

He offers online private instruction in Voice and Guitar all over the world. I also do audio recording and production for budding artists!

Free, Online Courses Created by Steve Glazer

  • Certificate Guitar Rhythm Mastery: Strumming and Percussive Techniques

    Guitar Rhythm Mastery: Strumming and Percussive Techniques

    4-5 hrs
    This free online guitar course explains how to add rhythm and beat to music with strumming and percussive techniques.
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