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Ivan Yakymenko is a native Russian speaker who aspires to teach the Russian language to everyone on the globe. Furthermore, he wishes to demonstrate that Russian is not as difficult as many believe.

Ivan has been teaching Russian as a foreign language for more than five years. He has many learners who have learned Russian to a high level from the ground up.

Ivan decided to create a video course called 'Doodle Russian' based on his extensive experience. It enables learners to immerse themselves in the Russian language to get a comprehensive understanding of it. He created the course by incorporating the concept of practising through video. He also has a YouTube channel entitled 'Doodle Russian' to share his expertise with the audience.

Free, Online Courses Created by Ivan Yakymenko

  • Certificate Beginner's Guide to Learning Russian

    Beginner's Guide to Learning Russian

    1.5-3 hrs
    Express yourself in Russian by learning vocabulary and phrases to boost your fluency with this free online course.
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