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In 2003 Elena Davydkina completed the presidential programme in training managers and executives for the national economy of RF (Russian Federation) and obtained an advanced diploma in management with an internship at Manchester Business School in England. She also has a higher education diploma in teaching English.

Elena specialises in e-learning, entrepreneurship, teamwork and managers’ productivity. She also is interested in personal transformation, team flow, creativity and innovation.

Elena is a certified specialist in MicroSoft project management, accounting, psychodiagnostics and other fields. Her vast amount of experience gathered in diverse fields, including entrepreneurship, is priceless for consultancy and delivering education, inspiration and growth to a variety of audiences.

Free, Online Courses Created by Elena Davydkina

  • Certificate

    How to Become a Charismatic Entrepreneur

    3-4 hrs
    This free online course explains how to use your personality to become an inspired, self-confident entrepreneur.
  • Certificate

    Proactive Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy

    1.5-3 hrs
    Become a more proactive entrepreneur and learn to implement proactive business strategies in this free online course.
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