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Capella Systems is committed to continuously developing innovative and engaging content that will empower individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals. Its team of instructional designers, developers and editors are passionate about making learning accessible and enjoyable for everyone. The core areas of development are human resources, marketing, leadership and management, and education and training.

The team has vast amounts of experience in both course content and curriculum development. They also develop educational quality assurance systems and learning content for apprenticeship programmes.

By publishing on Alison, Capella Systems is expanding its range of offerings to a wider audience.

Free, Online Courses Created by Capella Systems

  • Certificate

    Understanding 360 Degree Feedback

    1.5-3 hrs
    Benefit from this free online course that explores how organisations can implement 360 degree feedback.
  • Certificate

    Instructional Design for Vocational and Technical Education

    1.5-3 hrs
    Master the art of developing vocational and technical education courses that are engaging in this free online course.
  • Certificate

    Mastering Brand Narratives: The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling for Marketers

    4-5 hrs
    Learn how to combine the elements of storytelling to create brand narratives in this free online marketing course.
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