So you want to be a Journalist?

The world of news writing and reporting has evolved rapidly over the past decade. With the ever-diminishing role of the physical newspaper and the move to online, you may be wondering if there’s still a future in journalism.

So, is there? The good news is yes! The skills that you learn as a journalist are every bit as transferable to all types of writing, research and marketing jobs, in addition to a host of other jobs with no obvious connection to journalism.

While just about anyone with a web publishing system can go ahead and become a writer online, the gap between good writers and bad writers is becoming wider, and people are starting to see the value in good content online.

Journalism – A New World of Publishing

Good content isn’t just about producing a well-written article, with good grammar and flow. When good journalistic skills and ethics are applied to writing an article, suddenly the piece is credible, unbiased and engaging. These are the three magic ingredients that make a really great article. People spot good content just like they spot bad content. In fact, the need for excellent content online that stands out from the mediocre and downright awful means there will always be a need for journalists.

Free journalism courses such as Alison’s revised Diploma in Journalism can be an essential boost to your career, as content becomes more and more important as the public face of a company’s online presence. The bad news? The romantic view you’ve held for years of your life in the newsroom might need to be shelved. But who knows, you might just replace it with an even more exciting reality…

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