Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the coordinated and integrated management of a business’ various departments and operations. ERP is incredibly complicated and needs to be efficient and punctual in order to facilitate the running of a business. Many companies rely on sophisticated software to manage their ERP. 

One of the world’s most popular ERP tools is produced by SAP, whose software allows businesses around the world to coordinate their production, finances, manufacturing, supply chains, IT services, HR and every other essential department.

Companies operating without effective ERP tools are at a disadvantage so we’ve put together 5 fantastic courses to upskill you in this game-changing software.

Enterprise Resource Planning and Management

ERP systems facilitate the total integration of various departments and the processes for which they’re responsible. They turn a business from a collection of separate parts to a single effective system that works smoothly and is organised centrally. It is estimated that about 77% of all global transactions come in contact with ERP software, making it one of the widely used softwares in the world. Upskilling in ERP is essential for cementing your business’ future and is vital for the progression of your own career towards a management role.

Diploma in Management Information Systems

Essential to the successful implementation of an ERP system is the need to understand how these softwares manage information. ERP systems share common data across the business to facilitate a more informed, and thus more efficient, working environment. Sharing information across various departments can be a minefield when it comes to data protection so this course is vital if you want to increase productivity while remaining on the right side of data protection laws.

Introduction to SAP

As mentioned in the introduction, SAP is one of most widely used and successful ERP tools. This introductory course to the software will upskill you in the interface and make you comfortable with the user experience. While SAP is a planning and management tool applicable across all industries, this course also provides industry-specific information on a variety of different sectors.


SAP ERP Logistics Overview

For an ERP system to be effectively implemented in a company, there needs to be a buy-in by all departments and all employees, otherwise the system won’t function correctly. Systems like SAP depend on all stakeholders reporting efficiently and conscientiously in order to provide the information the system needs to thrive. This course covers the essentials of reporting and processing information and will make sure that you’re fully qualified to maximise SAP software.

Practical Guide to Accounts Payable in SAP S/4HANA Fiori

S/4HANA Fiori is an element of the SAP ERP system that manages accounts and specifically facilitates a business’ payments. This course provides you with all of the necessary terminology you need to navigate the financial management of your business through the SAP software. You’ll learn the specific invoicing and reporting processes of SAP which will revolutionise how your business conducts its financial transactions.

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