The Ismaili National Council UK is one of a variety of organisations around the world using Alison to bring online education and skills training to its members. A member of the Council’s Aga Khan Education Board tells us about the benefits of using Alison for community learning.

The Aga Khan Education Board (AKEB), a central institution within the Ismaili National Council UK, aims to support and promote learning as a means of improving the quality of life for all members of its community, regardless of background, age or current education level. For support in providing the community with upskilling and training opportunities, the AKEB sought a partnership with Alison.


Having researched a number of potential partners, the AKEB opted to work with Alison due to their extensive range of courses and their bespoke interface which tracks a learner’s progress, enabling us to provide support to individual learners.

With Alison, AKEB were also able to provide certificates and diplomas free of charge to learners in the community when they fulfilled a set of criteria as defined by the team. Learners also have the option to build their curriculum vitae via the Alison platform which is an invaluable skill to share with community members.

The partnership with Alison has been beneficial to the community, particularly during these challenging times which has seen an increase in the number of learners embarking on their learning journey with the AKEB and Alison. Alison have been readily available to offer support, providing an immediate response when the UK went into lockdown.


Since launching the partnership, over 400 learners have browsed the website and over 100 learners have started courses, with 30 certificates already distributed. The learner profile is 50/50 male/female and approximately 30% are aged 36 to 45 years old. Most of the learners are based in the wider London region, however we have learners in Birmingham, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and other locations. The courses that have been taken up are in the fields of health and well-being, computer science, programming, leadership, project management and languages

Education is an ongoing process and, with Alison’s support, the community is in a strong position to continuously introduce its members to online learning.

Text provided by the Aga Khan Education Board

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