Productivity is a very difficult skill to measure. It’s not something you can get a degree in or pass a test to prove you have it. But employers know it when they see it and they value it above almost every other skill an employee can possess. Time is money in every industry and so productivity translates into profit.

Upskilling to become more productive across a wide range of tasks adds up to make you a much more efficient employee in general. When you maximise your time to get the most out of it, your employer will notice that you manage your workload more successfully than others. This makes productivity one of the key attributes for earning promotions because employers want the efficient people running the show and teaching others how to be equally as productive. By taking these five courses, you’ll be taking the first steps towards a well-earned promotion!

Why Do Later What You Can Do Now?

Having the skills required to successfully complete a task is only half the battle to getting things done. Equally as important is the motivation and willpower necessary to get things done promptly and efficiently. Learning to Beat Procrastination will have an immeasurably positive knock-on effect on your career because you’ll find that you not only have more time to get things done, but you’ll have more brain space and energy to devote to your other tasks.

The Need for Speed

The overwhelming majority of jobs require you to type at some stage during the work day. Writing emails, notes, copy – whatever it is that fills your time – you’ll be able to do it a lot more efficiently if you complete our Touch Typing Training course. Countless hours are wasted over the course of a week simply because most employees have never actually taken a course in this fundamental skill that they use everyday!

Saving Time by Writing Minutes!

Taking Meeting Minutes is vital for the successful running of a business because it provides everyone with an accurate record of decisions taken and plans agreed. It facilitates moving forward as much as it documents what has already taken place. Minute taking can be a tricky business in a high octane meeting and so being able to quickly and correctly take down what is being discussed and decided is a skill that will mark you out as an exceptionally efficient employee.


Know Your Tools

No matter how well you think you know the software you use on a daily basis, you should always seek out new ways to use it more effectively and productively. This not only increases your personal capacity to work more efficiently, it makes you the workplace expert in a vital area. If you’re the one your colleagues go to with questions about how they can improve their performance, then you’ll stand out for your employers. Google Docs – Increased Productivity is a course that will mark you out as an employee who is truly ahead of the curve.

Time is on Your Side

This course on How to Manage Your Time is not just a great way to improve your work capacity, it’s also a great way to improve your work-life balance. So much time is wasted every day through poor time management which can be easily remedied. Successfully utilising every minute of your work day is the best way to improve your performance and cause your stock to rise with your employer. Good time management won’t just make you a better worker, it will also free up more time for you to enjoy life outside of work

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