As both the educational and professional landscapes continue to change and develop radically, an increasing number of high paying jobs don’t require university qualifications.

This is, in part, a result of the shift in balance away from stagnating third level institutions that are unwilling or unable to respond dynamically to the market, and towards more responsive and learner-centred platforms like Alison.

If you’re interested in pursuing one of these high paying and exciting positions then we’ve got everything you could ask for! From our high quality courses to our informative Career Guide, you’ll find all the help you need to secure that lucrative new job!


Plumbing combines a satisfying manual element with complicated mechanical thinking. This increasingly lucrative career is a great fit for anyone who wants to work with both their hands and their mind. Our Diploma in Plumbing Studies is the ideal course for anyone seeking to gain a detailed understanding of both the mechanical and the theoretical elements of this fascinating trade.

Flight Attendant

Getting paid to travel the world and meet new people? Being a flight attendant is the dream job if you’ve got the get up and go to get up and go! This is a role that also requires a level head and the ability to stay calm and collected at 36,000 feet. Flight Attendants need to be resourceful and quick-thinking, while also having an in depth understanding of Airlines Transport Management. This course is a great way to take the first steps towards this adventurous career in the sky!

Wind Turbine Service Technician

Wind power is the future and this new career is open to anyone with a brain for mechanics and an interest in being at the forefront of the fight against climate change. Working in the burgeoning wind energy sector requires gaining an understanding of cutting edge technology, from turbines to grid integration. While this type of information was incredibly difficult to come across in the past, thanks to Alison’s dynamic platform, you can now upskill in this exciting new career for free!


Bus Driver

Public transport is being rejuvenated in the fight against climate change and cities across the world are extending their fleets of buses. Bus Drivers need to be incredibly technically skilled to be able to successfully manoeuvre a large vehicle, like a school or public bus. Drivers also need to be able to be able to navigate complex public transport systems and always be up to speed with the latest developments in transport management. That’s exactly what you’ll learn from this popular and engaging free course.

Medical Assistant

If you’ve got a good bedside manner and an interest in medicine then you’re a perfect fit for this stimulating and multifaceted role. Medical assistants need to be highly educated on the medical side of things but they also have to have top quality Executive Assistant Skills in order to carry out a professional job that allows the medical practice to run smoothly. When it comes to the health sector, there are no small jobs and this role requires an understanding of a wider range of fields than most.

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