As industries continue to change and evolve, the labour market changes with them. Disruptive technology, pandemics (!), shifts in consumers habits, all of these can result in sectors having to rethink how they operate. These industrial reorganisations can have knock-on effects at every level of the business, including supply chains, marketing and, of course, hiring.

Over the last twenty years, a consistent trend across almost all industries has been the growing frequency of freelancers. In part, this can be attributed to automation resulting in businesses needing less hands on deck 24/7, and instead bringing in experts on a need-by-need basis. Freelancers are flexible and so are well-suited to contract work of this kind.

However, there is another reason behind the growth of the freelance jobs market in recent years. Many consumers would rather engage with a small business owner or entrepreneur than do business with a large, faceless firm. Freelancers usually deal with less clients than large businesses and so are more engaged with their customers and can offer a more personalised service.

This consumer-driven demand for freelancers has spread across a wide range of industries and isn’t just limited to tech. From plumbing to pet grooming, freelancers are springing up everywhere!

If you’re looking to convert your passions into prospects, earn some extra money or start your own business, then you can do so by taking advantage of this changing jobs market. With Alison’s free online courses you can gain all the qualifications you need to start your career as a freelancer. Here are 10 great ideas to get you started!


1. Floristry

Are you a flower enthusiast? By learning the secrets to professional flower design and arranging, you can start your career as a freelance florist! From weddings and small-scale family get-togethers, to large corporate festivities, flowers play a are always in demand for all manner of events!

2. YouTube Influencer

YouTube is still one of the best opportunities for freelancers, as the monetisation of videos can be extremely lucrative. With more than 2 billion monthly logged-in users, you can make money by creating engaging, interesting videos. All you need to start is a good camera, some video editing skills, and, of course, the internet!

Just like any other type of marketing, video marketing needs to be properly planned to make sure it brings you all the benefits you hoped for. Yes. You need a solid video marketing strategy in place if you wish to stand out.

3. Photographer

Do you have a passion for photography and want to share your talent with others? From lockdown weddings to corporate photography, freelance photography opens up countless opportunities! Depending on skill level, freelance photographers can earn as much as $150 to $200 per hour.


4. Events Planner

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way events are conducted has changed drastically. From small gatherings to digital get-togethers, the event landscape has shifted and clients are on the lookout for event planners with new, innovative and safe event ideas.


5. Bicycle Maintenance

If you’re passionate about bikes and great with your hands, then a bicycle repair and maintenance business can be a reliable source of extra income. If you gain a reputation as being reliable, you’ll have customers for life!

6. Teaching Yoga & Fitness

If you’re a Yoga or fitness fanatic, then becoming an instructor is a great way to share your favourite hobby while earning money on the side. From summer Yoga classes, to corporate relaxation sessions, there is no shortage of opportunities. You can even teach Yoga online!

7. Pet Grooming

Do you have an affinity for animals? Sales in pets have spiked during lockdown and all associated markets are also on the up. Pet grooming can be an extremely well-paid job as people always want the best for their pets and will become regular customers if you’re good at your job.


8. Create Online Course

Are you a subject-matter expert? No matter what your field of expertise is, you can start freelancing in online courses creation by making courses for popular e-learning platforms, including Alison!


9. Plumbing

Regardless of pandemics, recessions or anything else, people always need plumbers. This disaster-proof profession is a job where reputation is everything. If you have happy customers, then you’ll have lifelong customers!

10. Tutoring

With many schools and colleges moving online due to the pandemic, the demand for online tutors is also rocketing. There’s great money to be made tutoring as many parents seek extra tuition for their kids in these unprecedented times.

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