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Vaiolelai Niu - Learner - New Zealand

Alison Online Learning Courses has given me a window of opportunity to refresh some old fundamentals and learn some fresh ideas to stay up to date with what is current in the world today. I have never thought at my age it would be able to complete one course given my hectic routine as a single dad of three. Man! Was I so wrong? I have conquered 15 Diploma courses and 13 certificates this year alone and I am not done yet. If I can do it, anyone can with Alison Online Courses support. 

Mandy Harker - Learner - Australia

I came across ALISON within the last year and I am thoroughly inspired with the courses that are on offer. I am a professional and have been working in the healthcare industry for some 11 years. The courses on offer for health professionals are a great refresher and learning tool. 

Mohammed Ishtiaq - Learner - Australia

I'm very fortunate that in this era, there is something called 'free education for everyone'. I’m very humbled that ALISON gave me the opportunity to do Diploma in Project Management. Thank you very much ALISON.

Serenity Mason - Learner - Australia

I am a mum of two young girls and have, for years, been  struggling to find employment. I am now studying for a Diploma in Social Work Studies and am well on track to gaining my dream job within the Mental Health sector.

Michael O'Brien - Learner - Australia

I feel that ALISON courses will give me the edge over other prospective job-seekers. I have to gain further experience in different fields. ALISON, through its free online courses, has enabled me to achieve this objective.

Brendan Skelton - Learner - Australia

On retirement, I decided to fulfill a long-held desire to further my knowledge of Maths. Early on, I discovered ALISON and was most impressed with their mode of delivery. I have every intention to continue to use this excellent source. 

Walter Peter - Learner - Australia

ALISON is a great tool to help you learn complex courses in a simple way, that’s easy to understand. I have been able to use the Project Management skills in my workplace. This helps me to be more efficient and confident.

Owen Atkins - Learner - Australia

I love online learning, MOOCS, and services like ALISON. With ALISON, I have completed three diplomas relevant to my field and position. The potential for this model is incredible.

Glargent Dallien - Learner - Other - -

I thank you people, for not being selfish because you have shared what you know and what you have in your minds with every body who cares to learn. Not only English, but with other opportunities online you make it easier for us. Thank you so much. May God bless you always.

Abiodun Elohim - Learner - United Kingdom

This course is very enlightening and interesting. Most importantly, it is free to study at your own pace. I have enjoyed every bit of it and I am already recommending ALISON to friends and family members to check for courses that may be interested in. ALISON, an excellent site.

Marie Judith Placide - Learner - Haiti

I would to thank everyone for the opportunity that I had to learn with ALISON. I have been learning a lot about Human Resources for example hiring, firing, employees’ opportunities and all of the rules that it takes to manage Human Resources office and to be a HR manager. That was very helpful. Once again thank you for all.

Ganapathy Subrahmaneyiyer - Learner - India

The course module, painstakingly, has been designed for learners. It achieves its purpose very well. The way certain important topics are repeated helps the learners remember the key concepts. Thanks for very good material & system of imparting the topic. Will look forward to take up more courses in ALISON. Also take this opportunity to wish ALISON great days ahead. More practical illustrations from the industries across the world would have added more value to the course content. Thanks ALISON team.

Raj Prashad - Learner - United States of America

An excellent, professional way created and presented with much improved audio quality. I strongly recommend ALISON for any kind of professional learning and for certifications/diplomas. Number 1 website for free learning in entire world.

Simon Ogena - Learner - Uganda

Diploma in Project Management is a very credible study program being offered and I was able to use especially the skills i gained in "the planning phase" during a recent job interview and it was perfect! I just love this free online course because it has widened my understanding in project management capabilities. I want to graduate soon and then enroll for another course. Thank you for the opportunity Alison team!

Carol Diaz - Learner - United States of America

This was an excellent course, and I can't wait to share it with my son who works for best buys department store. I have learned a few things. Its always good to brush up on your skills to become more proficient in your area of work. Thank you.

Richardson Borno - Learner - Haiti

It's a great pleasure to reach the final assessment from my learning course Diploma in Teaching Skills for Educators. I am very proud of this course. I learnt more than I've ever been taught previously. Thanks so much!

Claudette Colvin - Learner - United States of America

I want to thank Alison for free online courses in many different areas. I needed to provide certificates for two classes to satisfy provisional conditions of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke Graduate Studies program. I was able to take these classes free online through Alison. Because of these classes, I have been given full acceptance to the Graduate Studies program. Thank you for being there and for the free online classes. 

Osman Mohamud Salad - Learner - Somalia

It is a very interesting course. I have gained more from the course. It is short and very good indeed. The teaching system was very comprehensive and interesting which can be understood by anyone.