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Testimonials and Tributes from the ALISON Community

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Pinky Takawira - Learner - Zimbabwe

Diploma in Social Work Studies Course: is of great importance, in the community. A Social Worker helps to change and improve lives of the vulnerable groups, old aged people and young people, who will be living under stress, abuse, and facing different kind of challenges which will not be easy to overcome. All in all, Social Workers, are considered as problem relievers, in fact most people have different social challenges they meet in life which need a Social Worker to attend to. This Course teaches and trains a person how to socialize in the community, and how to assist people facing challenges. Before being trained by Alison, I did not have a know-how on dealing with matters arising in the community, I thank Alison College for opening my mind, now I can operate in my community, in socializing, solving, reporting and making decisions on different challenges faced by clients. I now know the way forward in handling issues and problems of people in the community. Through Diploma in Social Work Studies Course, I am empowered person.

After my own experiences with ALISON, I really believe that these courses are can develop talent and help anyone who wants to learn

First I want to thank all employees at ALISON for providing a great opportunity for free education.  I am working in the HR field and this requires a lot of reading and researching to keep my knowledge up-to-date.  I wanted to study courses related to my field to pursue a promotion and to develop key skills.  I began to study ALISON last year and found it easy to fit my studies around my work. I am now certified in the "Fundamentals of Operations Management" and am currently taking the ‘Diploma in Human Resources’.   After my own experiences with ALISON, I really believe that these courses are can develop talent and help anyone who wants to learn. Mostafa Mohamed, Egypt

I have used my ALISON qualifications to grow my business and help others in my community to study online.

I would like to thank ALISON for the free courses that have changed my life and helped my business to grow.  I am the Director of a small company in Zimbabwe. I  had no qualifications until I found out about ALISON. With ALISON, I completed a number of free IT courses including
‘Introduction to Computer Science’ and ‘Microsoft Digital Literacy’. The courses have helped me professionally and personally.  As well as improving my business, I also manage a group of over 15 students in my community who are studying with ALISON. Thank you ALISON for the opportunity you have given to learners around the world.

Tafadzwa Mvindi from Zimbabwe

Achieving my career goals with ALISON

Studying with ALISON has changed my life. I work in Law and wanted to learn some new skills. After completing the ‘Diploma in Legal Studies’ with ALISON, my clients were very pleased with my knowledge of legal systems, procedures and practices. I can now take on more duties and have successfully represented a number of clients. My studies with ALISON played an important part in achieving this success. I am taking more courses on and look forward to developing my knowledge even further

Isaiah John, Zambia

My business and skills have grown thanks to ALISON

As a Medical Practitioner, the training I have received from ALISON has helped to perfect my skills, and increase my confidence. I have completed 7 ALISON courses to date including the ‘Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care’ , ‘Nursing Studies - The Nurse as Team Leader and Teacher’ and the ‘Global Health Initiative: Diabetes Awareness’ course. Thanks to my studies with ALISON, my patients are very happy and business in my Health Center is growing. I am enrolled in more ALISON courses and cannot wait to learn new skills and knowledge to develop my medical expertise further.

Margaret from Kenya

ALISON helped me to secure a promotion

I could never get a promotion with my company without a diploma. I decided to complete ALISON’s free ‘Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety’ to help advance my career. The company that I work for made my dream come true by promoting me and giving me an opportunity to study further after I completed my studies with ALISON. Thanks to the ALISON team who helped me to achieve my goals and make me who I am today. Martin Chishimba, UK

Promoting ALISON

Good  morning  Support  Team 
Early  this  morning,(at  7am)   away  over  here  in  New  Zealand  ,  I  spoke about  ALISON ,  and  the  inspirational  effects  Tom Kelley  had  on  me  when  covering  the  course  for  Personal  Success.
I spoke   enthusiastically  to  my  Toastmasters  Club,(about  20 members  present)  and  they  were all away  to Google ALISON  ,  at  the  conclusion  of  the  hour-long  meeting  .

Fantastic site and long may it reign

I enrolled on the 17/3/2011 and since then I have studied a lot of courses and I have a few certificates I think this is a fantastic site and long may it reign. I study on here because it helps my memory, I had to leave work because of my health in 2004 and I went on line privately in 2010 and in 2011 I started looking for any free "ECDL" courses of which I didn't find any but I found "Alison" and am I pleased I did, so I would like to say thank you and I intend to keep on learning as long as I am able, so once again thank you. Yours Mr Keith Gray.

Getting your career back on track

Millions of people worldwide log onto their online classroom everyday with the aim of improving their job prospects, getting themselves back into the jobs market or just to learn.

Meet Rachel Myer, a 38-year-old mother of three, who used online education to get her career back on track.

I did not think that free online education was possible

Being a South African Citizen I did not think that free online education was at all possible until I came across Alison. I must admit I was a bit sceptical but thought that it would do no harm to give it a try. I am a Business Advisor by profession but lacked a formal diploma, as I only had a certificate in Human Resource Management. Based on the amount of course work in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, I became more and more convinced that this was the real deal. I finished my Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship in December 2013, and was very excited to know that I now posess a diploma. I want to encourage people all over the world that cannot afford to pay exhorbitant fees to colleges and universities to make use of Alison.

Promote ALISON

Please tell everyone there in your nice Country whoever doubts Alison that they are not crooks or whatever bad term who may like to describe them of and that Alison is the best and you will learn Courses in very simple English which you will never find in those Institutions charging exorbitant fees un-necessarily. Please let’s say "cheers' to Alison and move with them. I promise to always support Alison because they are straight, innovative, strong, free education providers and trustworthy.

Warmest regards,

Isaiah John Bwanga

ALISON are Great

You are really great. You are making education useful to the world community for free. My best wishes to you for your mission to be more successful. I read about you and your company recently. I appreciate your generosity. Keep this service alive throughout for the mass of the world to benefit. People like you only shall make lots of different to the world community.

Thanking you.

Geetha Sundar.

The Benefits of ALISON

Over the years, I became increasingly interested in writing and internet marketing. I was so busy at work that it was impossible to take time off to study full-time. One day in 2012, I did a search on the internet for online study courses and came across I enrolled for the first course immediately. I could study at my own pace. The courses are geared towards practical application, so I was able to apply what I’ve learnt immediately. I have completed the following courses since December 2012: How to Create Your First Website; Social Networking and Viral Marketing Using Facebook; Using YouTube; Diploma in Social Media Marketing and the Diploma in Basic English Grammar.

Mervyn Queeley - Learner - United Kingdom

Course Module: Module 1: Understanding Aggregate Supply and Demand Course Topic: Aggregate Demand Comment: Enjoyed this. Served as a nice refresher. Nice pace and clear explanation of the theories being addressed. I think that the provision of this kind education service at this kind of high standard is excellent. Especially for those of low means and/or are unemployed. An excellent way to learn and move forward. Thank you

Comment from Albert Kabonga - Zambia

Great course and I will spread the news to my fellow work mates who are  Safety Professionals so that we make our organisation work places  safe  to work in and hence increase productivity and obvious achieve company’s Safety and Health Vision which is every person going home safe and Health everyday. Huge Thank you Alison.

Paul Njoku - Learner - Nigeria

Course Module: Start Aptitude Test Course Topic: Start Aptitude Test Comment: Thanks, it was a very nice test. All areas of my attributes were touched and i felt good taking the Aptitute test. i say a big thank you to Sort-MyCareer and Alison for these wonderful and educative programs. Paul N

Atto-Kwamena Nhyira Paintsil - Learner - Ghana

Course Module: Project management methodology Course Topic: Project management methodology: phase 1 - investigation Comment: This is going to prove both intellectually and practically challenging although the course exhibits signs of providing interesting instances that should power the serious student on to completion, certification and deployment of their acquired technology and high-level skills. Congratulations and great thanks to the organisers of this wonderful learning platform online - FOR FREE!

Toulei Fidele - Learner - Cameroon

Course Module: Management structures and objectives Course Topic: Management roles Comment: Course Module: Managing large scale organizations Course Topic: POLC CCM Comment: Evaluating organizational performance Course Topic: KPIs Comment: Undoubtedly,Alison is doing an amazing job,I believe that anyone who tries this course will not regret it as it contains genuinely useful information.I advised anyone who like to help people others to do these courses.

Jeffrey Whittaker - Learner - United States of America

Course Module: Chemical reactions Course Topic: Reactions between acids and metal carbonates Comment: I have read a small number of websites' descriptions of chemical reactions, but none of them are as clear and complete as this one! Congratulate yourself on a useful website! I will support it!

Princewill Ekeji - Learner - Nigeria

Course Module: Food Safety - Introduction to Incident Management Course Topic: Food Safety - Introduction to Incident Management Comment: Alison has brought education to our door step. Many thanks to my Boss, Mr. Shola @ Genesis Group Nig. Ltd who introduced me 2

ALISON is the best thing I have ever done

Cynthia Floriani has completed nine courses on ALISON. She is also very active in assisting homeless people in Australia. She is an inspirational woman. She has kindly agreed to share her story with us.

Peter Bwayo - Learner - Kenya - -mombasa

Course Module: Project management overview Course Topic: Project Management Comment: Hi, this is just great . the courses you offer are quite professional and what I like most is the way you teach, you make it so simple and friendly. Well done and am with you till the end!

Etonu Benedict Opio - Learner - Uganda - -Kampala

Course Module: Project Management Assessment Course Topic: Project Management Assessment Comment: This course has really added more knowledge to me and the project management methodology as well as System Development Life Cycles were of major guidance to me.
Am really grateful to Alison for this opportunity given to me.
Keep it up.

Lydia Chanda Nkonde - Learner - Zambia - KITWE

Course Module: Module 3: Environmental Health and the Practical Nurse Course Topic: Patient Care Environment - Safety Measures Comment: it is so so encouraging to learn such courses online especially in my country in Africa.

Joao Sacalumbo - Learner - Angola - -Luanda

Course Module: Module 1: The Learner Course Topic: Learning Outcomes Comment: I have been teaching English for nearly nine years now, and think that this course is a window of opportunity for me to better my teaching abilities. As we learn till we die, I think that there is no going back when the case is to learn to inspire our students so that they become better English users tomorrow.

Robert Henry - Learner - Jamaica - -

Course Module: Managing large scale organisations Course Topic: POLC CCM Comment: Good avenue to develop effective managers.Very informative and easy to understand.Thank you Alison.