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This article details Alison’s growing reach in South Africa, its business model, and its aims to change education systems worldwide. Alison’s goals and trajectory are overviewed, including its addition of 50 courses a month and aims to create free psychometric testing and learner management tools. The article contains previews of Alison’s upcoming projects, including the pilot phasing of 20 learning centres and the development of the Alison app.

Written shortly after Mike Feerick, CEO and Founder of Alison, visited South Africa, the article overviews the impact Alison has had in this country. This impact is highlighted through an overview of South African residents who travelled to meet Mike on his recent visit to Johannesburg, in order to talk with him about the difference Alison has made to their lives and the lives of those they know. The article further discusses Mike’s aims to expand this impact so as to fundamentally change the system of global education and pull international education development away from charity models. Read more...