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Stata Level 1: Fundamentals of Data Analysis

This free online Stata Level 1: Fundamentals of Data Analysis course teaches how to use Stata for data analysis.

Publisher: Juan Sebastian Cuervo Sánchez
This free online Stata Level 1: Fundamentals of Data Analysis course will equip you with the skills required to perform and carry out data analysis at complex and straightforward levels like a professional. Stata is a powerful software used to carry out data analysis. By taking this free online course, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to use the Stata software to create and manipulate variables and keep track of your work.
Stata Level 1: Fundamentals of Data Analysis
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This free online Stata Level 1: Fundamentals of Data Analysis on Alison.com has been designed specially to help people at all levels carry out data analysis with ease. Stata is an application software used for carrying out data analysis. The course kicks off with an introduction to the Stata application, after which you will be introduced to the course methodologies and taken through sections of the Stata application interface. You will also learn how to navigate within the Stata environment. Next, we will introduce you to some of the tools used in Stata. This includes the data editor, the data browser and the help and search tool. You will be shown how to create a working directory for your work. You will then learn how to import various types of data formats in Stata for analysis. These data formats will include text files, excel and CSV files, and we also cover how to import Stata databases. You will also be taught how to clear the Stata workspace and how to save your work or analysis.

We will also introduce you to some basic ways and methods of keeping track of your work. Some of these methods include using the do-files. You will be shown how to comment do-files using the asterisk, the double forward-slash, and combined methods. Next, you will learn some key commands used to create and manipulate variables. This will include the generate command, which is typed as “gen” in the command window. You will be taught how to rename variables, label and delete variables. This free online course further introduces you to various commands that aid in data analysis. They include the tabulate command, and you will learn how to recode variables using the egen command. Finally, we will show you the various methods and commands used in joining or combining databases in Stata. This includes the merge command, the append, collapse and reshape commands.

Data analysis is a process of refining raw and unfiltered data with the simple goal of gathering helpful information and data that will aid or support better decision-making. It’s a valuable way to analyze and improve our daily activities, from understanding problems at a business level to providing statistical health reports in the medical field. This free online course has been built to teach beginners and intermediates how to make simple and complex data analytics with the Stata software. By signing up for this course, you will gain the first-hand knowledge and skills necessary to perform data analysis at any level. If you’d like to advance your career and skills as a data analyst, what are you waiting for? Try out this course today and take your skills to the next level.

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