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Physical Fitness - Fitness Tips and Workout Routines - Revised

Improve your health and well-being with the workout routines taught in this free physical fitness course.

Publisher: MEDCoE
This free online Physical Fitness course will teach you fitness tips and workout routines and how you how to improve your health and well-being. If you can learn to put together a really top quality workout routine, then maintaining a high level of physical activity and fitness will become much easier. This can have significant benefits for many aspects of your life, not least your mental health. Get started, today.
Physical Fitness - Fitness Tips and Workout Routines - Revised
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The course will start by teaching you about exercise physiology. You will study the three major types of muscles within the body, which includes smooth muscles, cardiac muscles, and skeletal muscles. You will then learn the four main principles of physical training and how to determine your target heart rate during rest and physical exercise. You will also study the various energy systems used by your muscles, as well as the four aspects of the FITT principle that can help you achieve the most from your training program.

Next, you will study the basic concepts of cardiorespiratory conditioning and learn how to accurately estimate your maximal aerobic capacity. The course will also teach you aerobic activities and basic workouts that you can use effectively in your own exercise routine. You will then study the importance of recovery during and after exercise, the factors that can affect an individual’s training response, and the types of workouts that can be used to increase cardiorespiratory conditioning.

Exercise physiology is the branch of science which studies how the body responds and adapts to physical exercise. This Physical Fitness - Fitness Tips and Workout Routines online course will teach you important theoretical aspects of physical fitness and provide you with practical workouts that can help you develop and maintain your physical fitness. So why wait? Check out this course today and start bringing your workouts to the next level.

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