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Organizational Behaviour - Understanding Attitude, Emotions and Motivation

In this free online course learn how attitudes, emotions, and motives drive human behaviour.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on Attitude, Emotions and Motivation will explain how these concepts are at the core of human behaviour and drive our decision-making process. Organizational Behaviour is a field of the academic study of how people act within groups. Its principles are applied primarily in an attempt to make businesses operate more effectively. Learn how these three Principles help organizations become more efficient.
Organizational Behaviour - Understanding Attitude, Emotions and Motivation
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This free online course on Attitude, Emotions and Motivation will explain how attitudes are formed, how emotions are managed and how our needs drive our behaviour. Most adults spend at least thirty percent of their lifetime in their workplace and/or in work-related activities. Like in any other context, human behaviour in the organizational and work context is a complex phenomenon. This course will teach you how individuals and groups behave at work and will discuss how to improve their effectiveness and nurture their quality of work-life.

First, you will learn about Attitudes. An attitude can either have a positive or negative effect in the workplace. This course will teach you what factors contribute to the development of attitudes, and what those in management positions can do to change negative attitudes and promote positive ones. Next, you will learn about emotions in the workplace. Negative emotions such as stress can at times be an unavoidable work hazard, but knowing how to manage emotions can improve the quality of work-life for employees.

Finally, you will learn about Motivation, the underlying drive of individuals to accomplish tasks and goals and one of the most important aspects of Organizational Behaviour. You will analyze Motivational Theories, understand what motivates employees and how to motivate them to meet their full potential. Most organizations require their managers to take courses on Organizational Behaviour, so why wait? Start learning today and be one step ahead of your colleagues in understanding Attitudes, Emotions and Motivation in the area of Organizational Behaviour.

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