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Managerial Negotiations in the Workplace

Free online course on managerial negotiations and the components of interpersonal dynamics at the workplace.

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This free online course on managerial negotiations in the workplace provides a comprehensive guide on how to carry out effective negotiations within the work environment. Learn about the negative impact of anger, anxiety, as well as depression in the workplace. Learn also how to manage employees' expectations so as to enhance their productivity as well as organizational synergy. Begin this course today and improve your negotiation skills.
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This free online course on managerial negotiation in the workplace will begin by introducing you to the concept of ego defense and group dynamics as an important aspect of relationship development. You will learn how to maintain professional relationships with both your superiors as well as your subordinates. You will be provided with the requisite knowledge of how employee-organization relationships are formed.
This course will then introduce you to the meaning and importance of emotional negotiation in the workplace as well as the temporal phases of emotional bargaining. You will learn how to incorporate emotional bargaining for official purposes. You will also learn about the different approaches to emotional negotiation, the effective negotiating strategies for negotiation, and how to apply them to workplace negotiation.
Finally, this course will introduce you to the causes as well as the effects of anger, anxiety, and depression in the workplace. You will learn the most effective way to manage conflict resolution within an organization so that it does not affect morale. You will then learn about the concept of expectation along with the ways to manage employees' expectations so as to enable them to perform optimally without recourse to whether their expectations will be met or not.

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