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Introduction to Tableau Desktop

This free online course will teach you to explore and analyse data for meaningful visualisation and decision-making.

Publisher: SimonSezIT
You will acquire the in-demand data analytics skills in this free online course. Tableau Desktop is data visualisation software that helps you explore and understand data. You will learn to sort and filter data and use multiple data sources in addition to adding and selecting the chart types. This course is helpful for those working with data and looking for management or decision-making positions in modern data-driven organisations.
Introduction to Tableau Desktop
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Imagine if you have to go through a report of seventy-five pages with five tables and many long paragraphs of text. Compare this with another one with fewer tables and charts with more colourful legends, labels and shorter text sections. The second report will have vastly more appeal for most of us because it will be easier and faster to read and understand due to the visuals. Tableau Desktop is a modern data visualisation platform. Its users can discover new business perspectives and create views with significant impact. In this online course, you will learn the basics of Tableau Desktop, what is it used for and whether you can use it for free. You will research its scope, interface and significant functions. We have defined important terminologies and explained them clearly in the videos so that you gain familiarity and comfort with using this platform.

The first module explores the type of data structures used with Tableau. How do you organise data in Tableau? What type of data sources can Tableau connect? You will learn how to rename fields and change data types in addition to sorting and filtering connection types. Tableau Desktop enables you to connect to multiple data sources like MS Excel, CSV files and Google Analytics, to name a few. You will learn to create workbooks and dashboards to publish on a server or online. Next, you will explore the Tableau workspace. What are its properties and how do you add a chart? Discover how to bring data to life by understanding the basics of creating a new view on Tableau. There are four ways to do this using different data types to create separate charts. Become familiar with all these concepts and facts as you progress through the course.

Finally, you will learn the importance of selecting the correct type of charts to create visuals. The final section provides answers relating to choosing the right charts for your data and data visualisation, gaining an in-depth insight into the Tableau chart types. Then you will learn to build them from scratch, which will complete your basic training for working on a data visualisation platform. Tableau Desktop is one of the essential skills for those looking to work in data analytics. This area is growing and in demand as more and more businesses rely on big data for business decisions. Enrol now to take advantage of this free course and learn an essential skill in your own time.

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