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Introduction to Design Thinking and People Centered Design - Revised

Learn how the concepts of Design Thinking can provide an effective solution-based approach to difficult problems.

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This free online Introduction to Design Thinking and People Centered Design course will teach you design methodologies that provide a solution-based approach to difficult problems. You will learn how to solve problems creatively using tools and techniques of innovation. You will also learn that design is more than the aesthetics and artifacts associated with products but a strategic function that focuses on what people want, need, and dream of.
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This course will first introduce you to design thinking and people-centered design. You will learn effective design thinking strategies and the 7 mindsets for designers. The course will teach you how to make true innovation happen by putting people at the centre of your development process. You will learn that design thinking is a proven and repeatable problem-solving protocol that you can employ to achieve results. The course will also discuss the four main paths for people-centered design.

Next, you will learn about solving design problems. The course will teach you that when examining your problem, you need to ask yourself what the real problem is. You will learn to look at the different angles of the problem, break the problem down, and rephrase the problem. You will then study how to explore the design challenge and put a frame around the reconsidered problem to arrive at the 'right' problem to solve.

Creating a design using a human-centered approach to innovation will not only help you answer people's needs but also paves the way for the success of a business. This Introduction to Design Thinking and People-Centered Design course will help you develop the mindset of effective designers and how to properly reflect on a problem when designing. These are impressive and practical professional skills, so start the course today and gain some truly useful knowledge.

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