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How to Design Your Lifestyle for Extraordinary Living

Learn about the five-step method of living an extraordinary life in this free online training course.

Publisher: KW Professional Organizers
This free online course is designed to help you minimize and eliminate frustrations in every aspect of your life. Using the tools of organization, minimalism and self-care, you can develop your own recipe for an extraordinary life. The course is filled with real-life examples from the instructors' experience and working with other clients. You will learn seven great ingredients and use them in a five-step system to build an extraordinary life.
How to Design Your Lifestyle for Extraordinary Living
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This course is designed to help you eliminate frustrations and become aware of what you need to create a recipe to live an extraordinary life. It is based on the book "A Recipe for an Extraordinary Life" written by Emilio and Samantha, the instructors about their real-life experiences and how they helped others make a positive change in their lives. We will start with an introduction to the course, the overview and a look at the syllabus. The instructors will also take turns to introduce themselves and give a brief background of their works and experiences. Then, they will share with you the main concerns that their clients usually face. They will explain how they developed a 'word cloud' that gave them the keywords of how they felt. Furthermore, you will learn about Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs to help you reflect on your basic human needs. A lot goes into how you feel as a person in fulfilling your purpose in life. With the help of Maslow's pyramid, you will be taught how to fulfil that purpose.

Next, having a great recipe for living an extraordinary life means something different for every individual. You will learn how to create your own recipe from seven life ingredients that the instructors used as a guideline for you to develop your own ingredient that suits your lifestyle. Their idea is that life is like a salad and everyone likes something different in their salad. Different spices, different ingredients, and what is suitable for one person may not work for the other. The seven ingredients are body, mind, family, social, works, stuff, and giving back. We will explain each ingredient in detail in this section. Their choice of ingredients was based on books, working with clients, listening to podcasts, and more. The goal is to help you understand and find your own life recipe or ingredient and know how much of each ingredient you need to live an extraordinary life. Also, you will be taught about self-care, which will allow you to manage your chosen life recipe or ingredient.

Furthermore, you will study the overview of what to expect when building your creation using the ingredients you have come up with. This creation is a practical exercise that you will do on your own or with others. The steps include practising gratitude, reflecting on how you feel and what you like to achieve. The course will teach each step in detail so you will understand how you can do the exercises at home. Also, we will show you some visuals to help you understand all the steps. Towards the end of the course, we will show you a real-life example of how guidelines in this course empowered a client to change her lifestyle to achieve happiness. This free online course is for anyone who wants to change their lifestyle, not living their ideal life, or anyone unsure of how to achieve their dreams. Register now to learn how to take control of your life and live the dream life you always wanted.

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