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Basics of YouTube Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

This free online course will show you how to develop, publish, and organize YouTube videos for optimal performance.

Publisher: Ustin Kompaniets
Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine, with billions of views every day? Even in standard search engine results pages (SERPs), a well-ranked video and well-executed YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help to increase exposure. This free online course will show you how to optimize your videos, playlists, and channels such that they appear towards the top of YouTube's organic search results for search queries.
Basics of YouTube Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
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YouTube marketing entails promoting your channel to gain a larger audience, raise brand awareness, and, ultimately, improve sales. Search engine optimization (SEO) enhances the quality and quantity of search engine traffic to a website or a web page. This YouTube marketing course will walk you through comprehensive step-by-step marketing strategies for increasing the number of viewers on your YouTube channel. We will answer some of the most frequently asked questions, such as "How do I find the right and most powerful keywords for my video?", "How do I know if my video caption and thumbnail is effective?" and "Are there any free or paid YouTube marketing techniques available?" 

We will start this course by demonstrating how to create the optimal keywords for your video using the Target, Alternative, and Broad (TAB) algorithm. After that, we will demonstrate how to write a solid video description, make a compelling title, thumbnail image, and keep your target audience engaged. You will also learn about user engagement cues and when and how to apply them. The following section will guide through the process of creating high-quality YouTube content and various YouTube SEO techniques. We will show you how to find high-converting keywords and how to use them to your advantage. You will also learn how to check the ranking and popularity of your videos. Next, the course will take you through developing effective strategies for creating high-quality content, including writing a viral title, adding a fascinating hook, cliffhanger, and changing your video pattern. Following that, you will learn to improve your material by introducing a video schedule, adding special tags, and linking your video to other videos on your channel. This includes discussing the significance of employing trailers, teasers, and Youtube playlists.

The final section of the course highlights the best marketing and promotion strategies and practices. We will illustrate the methods of using various auxiliary programmes for automating the YouTube marketing process. You will learn about some free and commercial marketing techniques for promoting your content. The next bit of YouTube SEO course content will explore how to reach out to the correct people and send out as many emails as possible to achieve the necessary number of followers. Lastly, we will show you the tools that can assist you with optimizing search engine links. If you are interested in growing the views on your YouTube account, it is critical to have robust marketing strategies. Enrolling on this YouTube course will help you grow your channel through real-world marketing strategies used by Youtube influencers every day.

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