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Fundamental Concepts of Financial Analysis

Improve your accounting skills by learning all finance-related aspects and concepts with this free online course.

Publisher: Zenith Academics
Understand the basic concepts of finance and accounting. Get familiar with the world of banking and commerce in detail. This free online course is an excellent opportunity for you to step up your accounting knowledge & raise your financial skills. The course not only clears your fundamental concepts in finance and commerce but prepares you to analyze and understand financial statements and matters all by yourself.
Fundamental Concepts of Financial Analysis
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Are you a student of commerce getting ready for exams or trying to find a job? Are you a banking professional who wants to raise his skills or refresh your knowledge on financial fundamentals? Or somebody who finds it a challenge to understand financial matters and concepts? If the answer is yes, then this free online course is perfect for you. It will improve your skills by teaching you all financial fundaments and concepts. The lessons in this free online course will also prepare you to analyze and work out the financial statements on your own.

Blended with case studies this course on financial analysis is a blend of conceptual and practical fundamentals. With detailed analysis and interpretations of accounting concepts like financial statements and Financial ratio calculations, you gain in-depth financial knowledge. For your ease of learning, the course is divided into three modules with several financial and accounting topics divided into lectures in each of them. The main topics covered are financial statements, balance sheet concepts, income statement, operating cycle, ratio analysis, and its interpretation, break-even concept. To help you gain and retain valuable knowledge the fundamentals and concepts are provided as downloadable resource guides.

So if you are preparing for competitive exams, a student of commerce or finance, bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, small investors, or have a passion for the subject then this fundamental concepts of financial analysis course might be a perfect fit for you. Join this free online course now, get enrolled, and quickly learn the fundamentals of finance-related aspects to raise your skills and knowledge to rise in your career.

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