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Exploring Google Earth

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Exploring Google Earth
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  • Over 600 million people have used Google Earth to explore the world around them. You can view the highest mountains, the depths of the ocean, the tallest buildings and the busiest cities. You can zoom in and out of this stunning imagery, tilt your view and share these views with your friends. In this course you will learn exactly how to use Google Earth and experience its stunning 3D imagery and terrain. You will explore the global seafloor and view cities in 3D. This course explains how you can easily build 3D models yourself of the places that are important to you. You will see how Google Earth has been used to improve life for slum dwellers in India. You will examine how Google Earth is helping the US forest service to save lives, property and resources. You will also watch an example of a flight path using the track feature in Google Earth. This course will be of interest to learners who would like to learn more about Google Earth and its features in more detail. More than anything, this course is simply a lot of fun - for just yourself or your family!

  • After completing this course you will:
    - Explore the world around you in 3D with Earth view in Google maps
    - Examine how the global seafloor update gives the most accurate view of the seafloor to date.
    - See how the data layers in Google Earth Pro enhance the business user’s toolset.
    - Examine how Google Earth is improving life for slum dwellers in Sangli, India.
    - See how the US Forest Service uses aircraft tracking and the use of software in conjunction with Google Earth to track fires.
    - Learn how to create 3D buildings that appear in Google Earth
    - Explore user stories of 3D buildings in Google Earth.

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