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Diploma in Maritime Logistics

Analyze maritime logistics, as well as how digitalization influences the maritime industry, in this free online course.

Publisher: ADU
Learn about the differences between intermodal and multimodal transportation, as well as the fundamental shipping markets, in this free course on maritime logistics. You will study the different aspects of shipping operations in logistics, as well as some chartering agreements. The course also covers Incoterms (International Commercial Terms), a set of internationally recognized rules that define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers.
Diploma in Maritime Logistics
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Maritime Logistics is a free online diploma course that begins by introducing you to world trade patterns, as well as how these patterns affect global trading. It also introduces you to the differences between intermodal and multimodal transportation, as well as the fundamental shipping markets. The basic concept of a ‘supply chain’, as well as supply chain management principles and factors that influence supply chain operations, will also be covered by the material.

This course then explains why ships are important in transportation, as well as the basics of a general cargo vessel. You will learn about the different aspects of ship operations in carrying maritime logistical processes, as well as chartering agreements. Master the characteristics of break bulk cargo, as well as how to develop a proper stowage plan and the types of shipping terms regulated by Incoterms.

Furthermore, this course will help you get familiar with the loading and discharging operations in shipping, as well as the information exchanged in the pre-arrival checklist. You will learn about how digitalization influences maritime logistics, as well as how different technologies are applicable to modern supply chain management.

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