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Jon Russell created his instructor account with Alison so that he could share the skills and knowledge he gained while working as a full-time entrepreneur. Each course is part of a series covering online entrepreneurship. When he quit his job several years ago, he had a very limited budget and big dreams. He wants to teach people some of what he has learnt while journeying from lonely solo-entrepreneur, to raising money and having a business that operates with 15 people, over 25 000 online students, and over 40 000 YouTube subscribers. These courses are for people who want to know what it is really like to build an online business. They are designed to help you achieve your goals and make the process fun.

Russell's main background is in engineering, mostly mechanical and electrical based. But while building an online business, it was necessary for him to learn about many aspects of entrepreneurship, including digital marketing, sales, finance and human resources.

Creating great courses and great 3D models.

Free, Online Courses Created by Jon Russell

  • Certificate YouTube Marketing and YouTube SEO Fundamentals

    YouTube Marketing and YouTube SEO Fundamentals

    1.5-3 hrs
    Learn the basics of YouTube SEO and how to correctly market your YouTube videos. All in this free online course!
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