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Alison Sponsors eLearning Africa 2022

We are proud to be a sponsor of this year’s eLearning Africa conference. With over 7 million Learners from Africa, Alison is dedicated to empowering the continent’s workforce by providing access to free skills development through online learning.

Alison Sponsors eLearning Africa 2022

Alison Sponsors eLearning Africa 2022

We are proud to be a sponsor of this year’s eLearning Africa conference. With over 7 million Learners from Africa, Alison is dedicated to empowering the continent’s workforce by providing access to free skills development through online learning.


What is eLearning Africa?

eLearning Africa is the leading education conference on the African continent. Now in its 15th year, the event hosts hundreds of delegates from all corners of the world. The 2022 conference, taking place at the Kigali Convention Center, will be attended by global experts, professionals and investors committed to the future of education in Africa.

This event is considered a global forum for anyone interested in developing Africa's education sector and focuses specifically on ICT-driven (Information and Communication Technology) education and training.

The conference aims to promote the use of ICTs for improving access to relevant information, education and training in Africa and to support sustainable education solutions in order to drive economic and social prosperity. 

What to Expect at the Event

The event is designed to promote collaboration and partnerships, enhance knowledge, as well as share experiences and perspectives with a shared goal of developing the booming online learning sector. 

The central hub of the conference will be the exhibition, hosting up to 60 international exhibitors ranging from leading international and African educational and technology companies and institutions to small, grassroots startups. 

Event Details

  • Dates: 11 to 13 May 2022
  • Venue: Kigali Convention Center
  • Visit the official website for more information: www.elearning-africa.com

Join Alison at eLearning Africa 

Gear up to explore the potential of the Alison platform, as a learner, instructor or even a school or business. We invite you to join our workshops and presentations where you will learn more about 4000+ free skills training Diploma and Certificate courses, career development tools, how you can earn on our platform or empower your business

You will also get to experience the diverse programme of dialogues, debates and demonstrations from the other exhibitors. You can look forward to panel talks, presentations and networking opportunities with experts and practitioners alike. 

Attending the Event from Alison

AlisonMike Feerick

Founder & CEO

Mike founded Alison in 2005 on the belief that education should be free to everyone, anywhere, regardless of their background. He believes in the power of learning and its ability to change lives and promote progress across all sectors of global society.


AlisonMaeve Richardson

Head of Self-Publishing

Self-Publishing at Alison allows anyone with subject matter expertise to share their knowledge with the world. Maeve works with people from various backgrounds across a range of disciplines to help them publish free courses, empowering learners and earning revenue through the Alison platform.


AlisonCatríona Camp

Head of Content (Publishing)

Catríona heads up the team that is responsible for assisted publishing. Her team reviews content and develops courses on behalf of Alison Publishers. They work closely with publishers to bring their content up to Alison's high standards. 


AlisonAashir Rayyan Khan

Manager - Publisher Acquisitions and Business Solutions

Aashir heads up the Publisher Acquisitions team and assists in analysing and identifying gaps and demand for courses, supplying new quality content as well as onboarding new publishers, managing relationships and evaluating publisher performance. He also manages Alison’s Business Offerings and commercial partners.


AlisonTim Muoka

Publishing Team Lead

Tim plays a vital role in the publishing of Alison's courses. He reviews content as acquired by the acquisition team and aligns the content by storyboarding it to suit Alison's quality and standards. He also supervises the development of the various course media for upload on the Alison platform as well as reviews test courses for interested course builders.


Interested in Attending the Event? 

If you would like to attend eLearning Africa, you can do so by registering at the link below. If you use the following codes, you will be provided with a discount upon checkout.

Important to note: To register using one of the below codes you need to add the relevant code in the field for association codes and tick: "I have an association code."

If you are an International participant or an African National based in Africa working for an international and global corporation, use the discount code:

  • ELA-22-RR-IP
  • Ticket price = €590 instead of €690


If you’re an African National based in Africa and not working for an international organisation or global corporation, use the discount code:

  •  ELA-22-RR-AN 
  • Ticket price = €350 instead of €420


Follow Us on Our Trip Through Africa

Stay up to date with our whereabouts as we travel through Eastern Africa, meeting some of our loyal Learners along the way. Follow our journey on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and the Alison Blog 


Meet Mike on His Trip Through Africa

Mike's upcoming trip through East Africa is a wonderful opportunity to meet face to face with some of our almost half a million Alison learners in the region. Before he left for Kenya, the first stop of his trip, he asked our East African Graduates how Alison has changed their lives. More than a quarter of the graduates testified how Alison's free courses and career development tools diversified their skills (27.3%), while 23.7% were left feeling more confident after completing one or more of our 4000 free Certificate and Diploma courses on offer. Nearly 20% improved their workplace skills with 7.2% and 10.8% testifying how our platform has resulted in employment or a career boost. 

Over four weeks, Mike will be travelling by road across Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. His goal is to hear as many stories as possible from Alison graduates about how they came to Alison, what they studied, and how free study helped empower them in the workplace or through personal development. Mike is also interested to hear from our valued graduates about how we might improve our services, to assist you further in your career, and also assist those in your community to upskill and develop themselves through our free online services. Read about Mike's visit to Nigeria in 2017 here.

Apply to meet Mike in your country by completing this form

 The best way of getting to know a new country is through the eyes of someone local! If you have any travel advice for Mike, please share it with him!

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