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Careers at Alison

Alison is a global virtual team operating from 27 countries worldwide. We are interested in the best talent from anywhere. If you have top level skills, and want to change the world, we would love to hear from you. All positions at Alison are Remote-Home-Based unless stated.

If you are thinking of moving to Ireland, or moving back to Ireland, with highly competitive skills and experience in e-commerce, the Internet, publishing, or software, please take a look at the vacancies that we currently have at Alison.

In some ways, Alison should not be based in Galway. Most global online leaders are based in California, and there is a reason for that. There, you have a supply of recruits with the latest ideas and knowledge in an eco-system that breeds internet success after success. We are proving that we can be equally successful out of Galway, but only if we get a few things right. We need to stay informed, close to what is happening globally. We travel and meet our learners worldwide on a constant basis and we are we believe, an exceptionally creative hard-working group of people.

The absolute key ingredient, however, is attracting the right people to come join us. As Yeats might have said, “the right twigs for the eagle's nest”. We need to find those people who have the experience, knowledge and confidence that can make them a leader among leaders, driving us forward. We have over 15 nationalities working at ALISON, but while we will continually hire abroad, we know that we can offer a terrific opportunity of return for our own very best, returning from Silicon Valley, or wherever companies like ours thrive. There are many reasons why Irish professionals, in business, management or engineering might return home which we won’t go into here. What we will say is that if you are exceptional, we need you here. We are already a global leader and innovator in what we do, but to grow, we need to attract more exceptional people to come on board. Might that be you?

"Look up in the sun’s eye and give

What the exultant heart calls good

That some new day may breed the best

Because you gave, not what they would

But the right twigs for an eagle’s nest!"

William Butler Yeats

December 1912.

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