Career - Food Service Managers

Food Service Managers

What do Food Service Managers do?

Food Service Managers are tasked with coordinating the activities of food servers and related workers at a commercial food establishment. In this role, you are generally required to oversee various tasks related to food preparation and serving. These may include ensuring the cleanliness of the kitchen area, the utensils and the equipment, and making sure that the prepared foods meet safety standards and are served in a timely manner.

As a food service manager, you may also be responsible for ensuring that food is presented in an attractive way and that any complaints from the customers regarding food quality or presentation are adequately addressed.

Food and Beverage Manager - A food and beverage manager comprehensively manages the food and beverage department at a restaurant or a hotel. It is his/her job to procure food and beverage supplies, make sure they are stocked well, and oversee the food preparation and presentation. He may also be responsible for managing the finances involved in the operations of the food and beverage department.

Restaurant Manager - A restaurant manager is responsible for the overall management of a restaurant. His/her job duties may include overseeing the employees as well the operations of a restaurant, ensuring food preparation and presentation is at par with set standards, and striving to keep up the profitability of the restaurant.

How do people become Food Service Managers?

The basic requirement for a career as a food service manager is to have a background in customer and personal service, business administration and management, human resource management, hospitality management, or a related field.

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